More than finance outsourcing.
A partner in growth.

We invest our time, knowledge and resources to develop a structure which will deliver results. You can focus on business development, while we will focus on financial development.

About us

We are not consultants which advise you what to do and how to build a structure. Instead, we work and build a structure as if we were an internal resource.

We invest our time, knowledge and resources to develop a structure which will deliver results. You can focus on business development, while we will focus on financial development. We proactively make reports, analyzes and plan with you. We comment and interpret information together. Through our service packages, we offer you the flexibility to choose exactly what you need.

Partner in growth

A smart choice for your money

We don’t consult, we do work – we do not tell you what the system should look like, instead, we build it. By setting up a finance structure, we provide you with more quality information that will help you manage your business.

Our main goal is to transform the structure of your business’ finances and to improve your business through that process.



Our services cost significantly less than internal departments. You do not pay for holidays, sick leaves and there is no additional costs like electricity, space, mobile phones, fuel and so on.


In cases of tight schedules and lots of work, our entire team can be at your service, which is ideal for companies that have a lot of work periodically.


By outsourcing the finances, you are placing the focus on business. Direct your attention where it is most needed with the support of finances.


We have a competent team which has all the necessary finance focus and skills. We use tested methods and softwares that keep pace with your business goals.

BOGDAN PETROVIĆ,Founder of Bright Finance Hub

Bright Finance Hub was created as my wish to help the companies to use the full potential of the finance department and make decisions based on better quality information.

In order to achieve that, the main task and the main problem at the same time is to build a sound and comprehensive structure in the finance department. Developing a strong finance department brings changes and all the problems with it.

Somehow during my career I was always developing finance department. I found out that it is something that I love to do, and that it can bring value to the companies. I was Head of Internal Control Department in Milšped (logistics) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Swiss-based company LUKOWA (production of frozen fruit and vegetables). My career path has always put me close to decision-makers and gave me a great insight on how can I help and provide support.

Together with my team of experienced accountants, I am offering the unique outsourcing services of the complete finance department.

I deeply believe in the value that we are bringing, and I encourage anyone who is interested in our services to contact me directly.

Our goals

Make better decisions

Be in control of your finances with accurate and precise reports with the help of top-notch controlling and a system structure setup.

Our mission

The mission of Bright Finance Hub is to help the business make better decisions by providing better quality information through the development of a valuable and strong Finance department.

Commitment to customer success

We are fully committed to the success of our partners, as if we were part of an internal team. We listen and look for ways which enable us to be the best support possible.

Integrity and trust

We know that the trust we receive from our partners is valuable and we know how to respond.

Always more than expected

We always do more than what is expected from us, thus contributing to the overall value.

Our vision

Bright Finance Hub’s vision is to change the way companies look on finance – from problems to comparative advantage.


The way we communicate is simple and understandable. We save our partner’s time.


We work together with our employees and partners and we believe that good teamwork always gives the best results.

Positivity and enthusiasm

Problems are part of everyday work, and we face challenges with a positive attitude. We love our job and we do it with enthusiasm.

Our Team