Our service packages

Bright Finance Hub offers complete service packages that allow you to make better decisions through precise and accurate reports. Depending on your needs and workload, the packages are divided to perfectly fit any business that wants to improve themselves.

Soft Close

This service includes full accounting, taxes, payroll and month closing services.

During the month-end closing process, we get to do cost projections which enables us to get an P&L report (profit and loss). Along with the report, we also provide you with a cost structure that make up the report expenses.

Planning, analysis and controlling

Aside from the service from the first package, this package includes a complete service of controlling, planning, analyzing and reporting.

We thoroughly analyze the company processes and then build a controlling system which results in quality information and detailed reports, and allows us to develop a plan and analyze all deviations and anomalies.

Chief Financial Officer

This package is
all-inclusive and involves
external CFO services.


We offer work capital and cash flow analysis services, financial modeling and communications with creditors that is related to business financing and risk management models.

Make a smart choice for your company and your money

Contact us and we will send you an offer tailored for your company. If you need a strategy partner who will solve all of your current problems and improve your business, Bright Finance Hub is the right place for you.

Our services

The full range of services for your business

Services made especially for companies that cannot afford to spend time and money on different finance sectors.


Thanks to our experience and expertise, we provide you with an efficient and reliable accounting service. Our certified accountants keep records of all your transactions.


Our accountants keep an eye on the tax treatment of your transactions. We monitor the evolution of the tax system and find the best tax solutions.


We develop a control system and control the data to ensure that future reports are accurate, precise and will give you a true picture of the company's operations.

Planning and analysis

We analyze inconsistencies and take our clients' goals and turn them into plans. We support and direct you towards your goals.

Cash flow management

We develop cash flow projections and help you develop a working capital strategy that goes hand in hand with your goals.

Financial modeling

We thoroughly and accurately develop a capital strategy that allows you more choices and analyzes the risks for each choice. We help you make better financial decisions.


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