Soft close

This service includes full accounting, taxes, payroll and month closing services.

During the month-end closing process, we get access to cost projections which enables us to get a report of profits and losses (P&L). Along with the report, we also get a structure of costs that make up the report expenses.

For whom is it tailored?

It is tailored for the companies that are in an early growth phase and where the business is not too complex and diversified. For the decision-makers who want to know the monthly result of a company and basic cost structure.

What problems are addressed?

The problems that this package is solving is disorganized accounting, incorrect basic information. Also the lack of information about results and cost structure.

What is the result?

We provide precise and organized accounting, tax and payroll and rough monthly image of the company’s profitability with costs associated. Without controlling it is impossible to provide highly accurate reports, but for businesses that are not so complicated, this solution could deliver a very good picture of performance. Additionally, this package provides a set of informative accurate reports about accounts receivable and payable and unpaid invoices.

What does this package entail?

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Calculation of payroll and salaries Month-end close and structure of expenses Work with the audit and tax administration Loans and leasing contracts Fixed assets Taxes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Soft Close


Accounts receivable and payable reconciliation

Advance payments closing


Monthly P&L report (profit and loss)

Monthly monitoring and structuring of bookkeeping expenses

Linear cost projections


Preparation of documentation and communication with the audit

Communication and cooperation with the tax administration


Check up of all inflows and outflows related to loads and leases

Contract profits and repayment plans

Posting of the principal, interests and settling with a bank or leasing company


Asset registry and general ledger reconciliation

Calculation of tax and accounting depreciation


Setting up employee timetables

Calculation of regular wages, sick leaves, maternity leaves

Calculation of annual leaves and other contingency payments


Income tax


Property tax

Withholding taxes

Planning, analysis and controlling

Aside from the service from the first package, this package includes a complete service of controlling, planning, analyzing and reporting.

We thoroughly analyze the company processes and then build a controlling system which results in quality information and detailed reports, and allows us to develop a plan and analyze all deviations and anomalies.

For whom is it tailored?

It is tailored for the companies that need highly precise and detailed reports, analysis and planning.

What problems are addressed?

This package solves the problem of the unclear image of business performance and loss of control. Also, this package is addressing the risk of fraud and it is directing resources and focus through planning.

What is the result?

The result is an efficient structure that provides comprehensive control, cost control and optimization, and detailed reports. The more efficient resource utilization, faster problem identification and solving and faster growth.

What does this package entail?

Documentation flow and tax returns Sales and purchase controlling Business analysis and reporting Planning and budgeting Consolidation, product costing and accruals Payment plans and other debt obligations System parameters and revenue & cost allocations 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Planning, analysis and controlling


Control of the correctness and the completeness of documentation

Control of invoices that are included in tax returns


Cost analysis (fixed and variable) and break even point

Analysis of plan deviations

Analysis of all deviations and anomalies


Sales, production, purchase and personnel planing

Profit & loss planning

Detail planning of expenditures

Cash flow planning


Business elimination and consolidation

Calculation of the actual cost price

Expense demarcation to appropriate periods


Input and control of repayment plans

Control of the principal and interests

Control of loans and debts

Distribution by cost centers


Control of contracts, price lists, and invoiced services

Transferred costs

Revenue period allocations

Cash discount

Blocked clients (blacklist)


Making of codebooks

Defining dimensions

Mapping of dimensions

System structuration

Control of invoice allocation and information

Chief Financial Officer

This package is all-inclusive and involves financial chief services.

We offer work capital and cash flow analysis services, financial modeling and communications with creditors that is related to business financing and risk management models.

For whom is it tailored?

The package is tailored for companies that have already significantly grown and require financial expertise and want a complete finance department but don’t have the need or resources for internal chief financial officer and whole finance department team.

What problems are addressed?

Besides everything mentioned in previous packages, this package solves the problems with working capital management, cash flow, cash collection and financial modelling.

What is the result?

Organization of finance department and necessary financial expertise in resource allocation, the effects on working capital, investment analysis and financial modelling that has a long term impact.

What does this package entail?

Working capital management Relations with creditors Proactive suggestion of steps for business improvement Risk management Investment management Collection of receivables Financial modeling 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Chief Financial Officer


Optimization of net current assets

Managing net current assets through best practice strategies in line with the goals of the company

Planning of current assets through a detailed CF plan


Based on the overall picture of the company’s performance, we give suggestions for improvements and more efficient management.


Detailed investment analysis with cash flow discounting, net present value conversion, internal rate of return, etc.

Scenario analysis, assessment of potential cash flow cannibalizations


Defining assumptions and main input parameters for projections

Consideration of investment risks

Investment analysis by relevant parameters (net present value, internal rate of return, discounted period of return)

Analysis of the impact of the investment on the existing business


Customer segmentation by category

Monitoring the arrivals of receivables, sending kind reminders, customer invitation and submitting all of necessary documentation and invoices if needed

Monitoring of all important ratio indicators


Preparation of credit files, all necessary explanations, projections, business plans and presentations for creditors.


Modeling of the structure of company financing, impacts of interest rates on profitability, level of indebtedness and all other relevant indicators.